Making a Difference to Sport in the Community - Unsung Hero Award


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NIMCRCC and IMRA host Mountaineering Training Event



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Sports Facility Construction - Exhibition & Seminars


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Resounding Success for Irish Cricket



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London 2012 Roadshow visits Northern Ireland

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Making a Difference to Sport in the Community - Unsung Hero Award

Tesco have teamed up with the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards and are looking for people who make a real difference to sport in your local community. The Northern Ireland Regional winner will be chosen and will attend the sports personality of the year NIMCRCC and IMRA host Mountaineering Training Event.

The Sports Council for Northern Ireland are proud sponsors of the training event which will take place at the Field Skills Centre, Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh on Saturday 30th September and conclude on Sunday 1st October 2006. The training programme will involve “Round Robin” sessions allowing all parties to demonstrate new methods of training to their partners. All activities are a maximum of 20 minutes from the centre. Mr Joe Dowdall, Leader of the North-West Rescue Team highlighted that; “All members of the search and rescue operations are volunteers who are on call 24hours a day, seven days a week. These people are committed to working alongside statutory bodies to provide the best effective service when an emergency arises. This training weekend will allow all volunteers to establish relationships with other services and examine different methods of search techniques aiding in the delivery of people into emergency incidents.”

The Chairman for the Sports Council for Northern Ireland, Professor Eric Saunders added; “It is encouraging to see members from a variety of search and rescue teams both North and South, working together to achieve maximum results. These people who volunteer their services are an asset to the community and demonstrate the importance of social inclusion by working together with other emergency groups to save people’s lives.”

The Sports Council for Northern Ireland were delighted to welcome players from the U13, U15, U17, U19, U23 and Senior Team to the George Best Belfast City Airport to celebrate their amazing sporting achievements this year. This year has been the most successful in the history of Irish Cricket, with every age group winning the European Championships. Representatives from each team; Kyle Mc Callan (Vice Captain Senior) and Peter Gillespie (Senior), Greg Thompson (Captain U19 and U23), James Hall (Captain U17), Paul Stirling (Vice Captain U15) and Ben Wylie (Vice-Captain U13) were present this morning with their trophies.

Professor Eric Saunders OBE congratulated the players and highlighted that; “This is a remarkable achievement for the sport of Cricket in Ireland. These players have shown commitment and determination in reaching the finals of the competition. All teams have helped raise the standards of sporting excellence for our country.” Irish Cricket has had a fantastic year and the senior team is hoping their success continues when they play against M.C.C at Lord’s tomorrow and against Scotland in a 4-day match in Aberdeen starting on Thursday.

Key players in the provision of adventure activities in Northern Ireland met in late January at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre and the Belfast Activity Centre to discuss possibilities for the future accreditation of activities such as trekking, climbing, canoeing and sailing.

Sports you must try this summer

Summer is right around the corner and is the perfect season for vacations plans in London or fun activities. This year, you can try out a new sport and enjoy happy times with your family or friends. Whether you look for an adventurous water recreation, or relaxing ones, there are a lot of options you can choose from. Stay in shape and combine them with your love for parties and sunbathing for unforgettable experiences.

Sunny days planed at the pool are awesome for swimming. Suitable for every age, it maintains a healthy body, while it reduces tension, increases muscle flexibility and allows relaxation. When you are submerged in water, the world around you stops and nothing else matters but you. It offers distraction and the possibility to make new friends. Also, once you know how to swim it can save your life and you can try other sports like surfing, water-skiing, and polo.

As water offers endless opportunities to challenge your skills, you should not let surfing slip past you. Stunning beaches and windy weather are a paradise to any surfer either professional or amateur. Surfing is a great stress relief and clears your mind. The powerful waves and the ocean environment give you energy and an adrenaline rush. Although it is not easy, once you master some basic skills there is a great chance you will become addicted to it.

For the adventurous spirit in you, take an escort Paris on a trip and find a place you can access only by kayak. It is a good way to train your body, but you can also see many impressive locations and get a taste of nature. Provided that you are a person who likes kayaking on a wild river or on a peaceful lake at sunset, this is good choice for couples and friends to bond and have a nice adventure.

If you love the mysterious underwater world, take a chance and go scuba diving. While it is requires intense exercise, this activity lets your explore the bottom of the sea in silence and away from all the phone calls and technology you face every day. From the moment you slip below the surface, you will experience the freedom of floating alongside different species of fish, and take pleasure in the breathtaking and rare views.

Beach volleyball is excellent to play with your kids and family members. With the sand under your feet and the salty breeze at you back, volleyball keeps the players entertained regardless if they win or lose. Tennis and basketball are worth a try as well. You will live every moment to the fullest as your heart will pound when you block a spike or have a good hit. They demand physical exercise, but they also strengthen relationships between teammates or partners.

For the bike lovers out there, cycling is another great pastime. It keeps you cardiovascular system in good condition and improves your posture. If you look for some fresh air and vegetation, go hiking in the woods and mountains. After all the hard work, you get a feeling that you accomplished something. All summer sports are a wonderful mood enhancer, as you cheer on, give high fives and laugh with your loved ones.