Horsforth Bears

Kathryn and Howard are both professional watercolour Artists. They live and work in a village on the outskirts of the Yorkshire Dales, England, where they run a watercolour school.

Teddy Bear collecting and making started as a hobby.

In the beginning......

Using their artistic skills Kathryn and Howard designed a bear, firstly sketching and painting their ideas, then making patterns and prototypes. Finally when they were satisfied with the results they named it a Horsforth Bear.

A bear is born......

Each bear is lovingly made by Kathryn and completed before another one is started. Then it is named and sometimes dressed. Since Horsforth Bears was established back in 1993, the initial designs have been developed and new ideas are being introduced on a regular basis. This process means new bears at most fairs and helps keep Kathryn and Howards enthusiasm for bear making, fresh and alive.

Us! at the Harrogate fair

The teddybear fair at Harrogate

Here is a small selection of yesteryear's playthings which we have on offer at present. Our special interest is in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, with an occasional item from more recent times. If you have any specific needs please let us know. TEDDY. PATTERNS - The patterns below are available at the same price of £5.00 each. Postage on patterns is 50p each. Chloe is 15" tall and can be made with or without her pinny - for which the pattern is included. Abigal is 19" tall and very popular indeed. The patterns are also included for dress, pinafore and bloomers Bearly Buttoned is 13" tall and has a wonderful face. A nice, chunky bear with a waistcoat for yoy to knit. Antique Teddy. Pattern gives you new ideas for an old appearance. Use our shorter piles or sparse for this oldie, or maybe use longer for a cuddly teddy with newer look. Ben and Bearmuff, These two look really good. 15" Ben looks great in luxury pile, and we suggest that you make his 7" muff in any qualityyou fancy, he will look wonderful in them all! Jake and Sal. They look lovely! You can use our shorter pile qualities to make these 8" and 4" teddies. Calico and Clover. This is a single pattern, but makes two 9" teddies, a him and a her? pretty as a picture. Wee Weatherby is a very attractive 15" bear. Make him with a normal or wobbly head, he still looks fine. Annie is 15". You can make her with rag doll style body or all mohair. Patterns for clothes are included. Benjamin is a 15" teddy with great appeal. He has a lot of old world charm and will look great in any hug. Theodore and Theodora. 18" and 11" teddies with a well loved look,or make them nice and clean. Baxter is a 20" old style character from Australia. A very smart fellow in his natty waistcoat. He looks good in any of our fabrics, short or long. Brinsley comes with centre seam construction and is 15" tall. His arms may be wired for posing, or filled as usual, just as you prefer. Coller pattern included...

A new prototype 4 joint design, no head joint means that a more natural neck shape can be created. This Polar bear has been designed to 'layback' or sit up, he is made from white mohair fur with glass eyes and a leather nose, he is very heavy with a big fat tummy. Although he is a prototype, he is made to the same standard as all our other bears, but we do like to sell our prototypes at a reduced rate. Old Dangle' Prototype bear made to test our new 'old bear' design. Made to the same standard as all our bears, but brought to you at a special lower price. 'Old Dangle' has been created to look like a good old traditional teddybear, he has a long thin nose, arms and legs, and a brown leather nose. The mohair is matted dark brown with shaved pad detail and individual fingers. He also has a large growler.

A brief history of Teddy Bears

Everyone's favorite childhood toy, at least for the generations that were born before the end of 90's are teddy bears, for sure. They come in all colors, sizes and also shapes and can be in almost any role you can imagine, from a war general, a cute ballerina, to a nurse or even scientist. That is why they made their way to so many peoples' hearts during the years, but their cuteness should also not be forgotten. Everyone has at least one in their house, London escorts maybe even two or more.

The invention of this toy can be connected to two places that, somehow, started making them in the same time. The period when that happened are the first years of the 20th century and the countries are the United States and Germany. But the name Teddy Bear has its origins in the United States and comes from Theodore Roosevelt, the famous American President. What happened is that Theodore went on a annual hunting trip, during which they would usually hunt and kill bears. However, this time Roosevelt did not wanted to shoot the animal his men and hounds have chased down. Escorts would also not like the animal being shot down, so the president made a right choice. At the end he decided that it should be killed by someone else to put it out of its misery. After this story spread many cartoons were drawn to make fun of it and during the time the actual adult black bear became smaller and cuter. One of the first teddy bears, today located at the Smithsonian Museum, was actually owned by the president's grandson Kermit.

Since it is really easy to build one, the manufacturing process of these toys spread pretty quickly and soon all over the world there were many of them on shelves of all kinds of stores. London escorts enjoy buying them, but they are more interested into more pricy and luxurious ones. Since their life is all about living in the high class and enjoying every aspect of it, an important part of what they enjoy is traveling. That way they cannot only see the world, explore it and learn about it, they can also see all kinds of teddy bears. That is possible especially when they go to Japan, where the toy culture is widely spread and something everyone enjoys and finds interesting.

This toy played also some quite significant roles in movies and TV shows, like the Teddy Bear Cops. But the more recent ones brought full attention to it, like the cartoon series Winnie Pooh and the movie Ted. Escorts found this one to be quite interesting and it actually is, so if you ever have a chance look it up. The latest addition to the list of teddy bear's IMDB scores is Paddington, a lovely story of a lost toy, which was shown on the big screens for the first time in 2014.

There is even a disease connected with them, it is called Brunus edwardii and it was actually an April's Fool joke, but since many people believed it, it has become part of the common culture. Having a plaything like this is totally normal, and something everyone should have, especially if London escorts are coming around.